We have an incredible garden to offer our children. It is very spacious and provides tonnes of exciting activities for all our children to enjoy. Children love to water our planting areas. They are full of beautiful smelling herb plants, that can be cut for the children to explore, smell and make ‘perfume’ of course. Children can venture into our secret hideaway, perfect for games of hide and seek or relax in one of our many ‘chill out’ areas such as the reading garden, the friendship den or the little decked area. Our large sandpit is fantastic for making sandcastles or burying ourselves. Our large gravel area is perfect for exploring or digging with the diggers. For our mountain climbers, they will enjoy the mound, bridge or tyre. Our mud kitchen provides endless fun (and washing). With three big trees growing in the middle of our garden we have plenty of shade for those lovely summer days (we do have one or two) and wetsuits of the rest of the year. We firmly believe that children need plenty of fresh air and exercise so we access the garden every day come wind rain or shine. Our garden is full of fun and challenge helping them develop in all 7 areas of the EYFS. Some might say the garden is more valuable than the inside.

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