What is Pupil Premium?

The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools and day care providers in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

  • To continue to provide all children with high quality teaching and learning experiences.
  • To continue to use targeted intervention and support to close the attainment gap.
  • To develop the curriculum to engage all learners, develop independence, resilience, collaboration and provide challenge.
  • To provide a range of quality first hand experiences to raise aspirations, engage children in their learning and expose them to the world around them.
  • To provide support to ensure that the children are ready to learn.

  • Narrowing the gap between the most disadvantaged children and their peers
  • Data
  • What our parents say
  • What our children say
  • Nursery objectives

Findings: Autumn '17

From looking at the overview data, we have identified that our lowest areas are:

Understanding the World - The World 88%

Understanding the World - The World is our lowest area this term. This could be due to it not being the right term or time for planting or plants to grow. However, over the next term, we will be providing planting activities for the children to take part in and we will be talking the children out on various walks, encouraging them to talk about living things and the world around them.

Number of Children on Roll 69
Number of Children Eligible for PP 14
Amount Received Autumn Term 2017 £1400
Amount Received Spring Term 2018 £1900
Amount Received Summer Term 2018
Total Amount Received
Resource Cost Intended Impact Impact
Zoolab £285.60 The children will enjoy various creatures to support understanding the world and talk about the differences between them. They will also learn about Chinese New Year throughout the visit from Zoolab which also supports British Values.
Literacy Resources £58.17 The children will be exploring the new resources looking at the environmental prints such as road signs. They will begin to understand what the signs mean and carry these out during their play and talking about them whilst taking walks in the environment.
Maths resources £736.10 The children will enhance their maths skills by taking part in new challenges.
Role play resources £392.74 The children will increase their imagination and make their own foods using the natural resources as well as dressing up as their favourite characters.
Sensory Resources £349.36 For all ages, the children will be able to explore our new sensory resources and talk about the textures and colours they can see and what is happening as they turn on the resources.
Walker dials £69.68 For the children to go out on more outings and talk about the world around them. This will increase their understanding of the world as this is one of our lowest areas this term.
Understanding the world £103.03 Books have now been bought to support the understanding of the world such as lifecycles of animals and planting. The children will become familiar with each stage of life cycles and will be able to talk about them.


Shape Space and Measure
Terms Autumn 17 Spring 18 Summer 18
Nursery Data SSM 95% W
National Average

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