Sessions Available

Full Day 7.45am to 5.45pm Meals: £5
Morning Session 7.45am to 12.45pm Meals: £3.50 (includes breakfast, snack & lunch)
Afternoon Session 1.00pm to 6.00pm Meals: £1.50 (includes snack & light tea)

Parents can choose one of the following options, pay for all morning meals (including breakfast, snacks, and lunch) and/or tea (including snacks and light tea). If a parent chooses not to pay, they must then provide for all the food needed for that session for their child. Deprivation funding will not incur a charge.

Tax Free Childcare

You may be entitled to tax free childcare. This is a government scheme to support working families with the cost of their childcare fees. If you earn under £100K or at least £139 per week and are not in receipt of childcare vouchers, universal or tax credits. For every £8 you pay in the government will top up with a further £2. Click here to see if you are eligible or for more information.

2 Year Old Funding (Non Working)

Children aged from 2 years may be entitled to 15 hours of education per week. You can view the criteria here and apply to see if you are eligible. Once you have applied you will receive a letter from the local authority informing you if you have been successful. Please present your letter and your child's birth certificate or red book to the nursery to receive your place.

3 and 4 Year Old Funding (Universal)

All children over the age of 3 years (the term after their 3rd birthday) are entitled to 15 hours of education per week. Please apply to the nursery for your place and bring your child's birth certificate or red book with you.

15/30 Hours Funding (Working)

The nursery offers the subsidised 15/30 hours funding to all children from working families from the age of 9 months+, to check whether your child is eligible please apply here. This can be taken up to 15/30 hours term time (38 weeks) or up to 10/20 hours over 51 weeks. It can also be taken across up to 3 separate providers. The nursery does not offer breakfast/after school club or school pickup/dropoff's. Please call or visit the nursery for more information. Once your application has been successful you will be issued with a validation code. We will need this validation code, the name and National Insurance number of the parent who applied. We will then verify the code and your 15/30 hours will be allocated. This must all be done before the start of the term.

A child born on or between Will become eligible for a place from
1 April and 31 August 1st September following their 9 month/second/third birthday
1 September and 31 December 1st January following their 9 month/second/third birthday
1 January and 31 March 1st April following their 9 month/second/third birthday

Term Time Dates

Summer Term 2024
Open 8th April to 24th May
Closed for Half Term
Open 3rd June to 12st July
Autumn Term 2024
Open 2nd September to 25th October
Closed for Half Term
Open 4th November to 13th December
Spring Term 2025
Open 13th January to 14th February
Closed for Half Term
Open 24th February to 4th April

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