Sessions Available

Full Day 7.30am to 6.00pm Includes snack bar, 2 course lunch and light tea at 3.30pm.
Morning Session 7.30am to 12.45pm Includes snack bar and 2 course lunch.
Afternoon Session 1.00pm to 6.00pm Includes snack bar and light tea at 3.30pm.

Fees (Reviewed yearly)

Full Day Half Session Weekly full time rate
£60.00 £38.00 £270.00

Full Time (50 weeks)

1 x ½ Session £158.33
2 x ½ Session £316.67
3 x ½ Session £475.00
4 x ½ Session £633.33
5 x ½ Session £791.67
1 Full Day £250.00
2 Full Days £500.00
3 Full Days £750.00
4 Full Days £1000.00
5 Full Days £1125.00

Invoices will be sent out on or around the 25th of the month for the following month. The above amounts must be added together, for example if a parent wants 2 + ½ days per week the total monthly amount will be £658.33 (£500.00 + £158.33). These rates apply from the 1st of every month. Parents must pay the weekly and daily amounts due up to the 1st of the month, for example, if a full time child starts 1 full week and 2 days before the 1st of the month, parents/carers will need to pay £390.00 (£270.00 + £120.00) to bring their fees up to date before the standing order starts.


Fees are calculated over 11 months, no payment is due in August. Children who become eligible for Government funding during the year will need to be adjusted on an individual basis, dependant on their attendance. The 15 hours Government funding will be free at source, for example, a child who attends 4 full days per week term time will be charged for 2 and a half days per calendar month.

Term Time only children (39 weeks)

1 x ½ Session £155.45
2 x ½ Session £310.91
3 x ½ Session £466.36
4 x ½ Session £621.82
5 x ½ Session £777.27
1 Full Day £245.45
2 Full Days £490.91
3 Full Days £736.36
4 Full Days £981.82
5 Full Days £1104.55
Fees applicable to all children who attend over the 15 or 30 hours government funding. Funding to be taken in blocks of 5 hours - morning, afternoon or full day.

For pre-school calculations:
Children attending full time should be charged for the additional days they attend ie if they receive 15 hours funding and attend 3 full days they should be charged for 2 full days and base fees on a stretched offer of 1 full day.
If they are full time and receive 30hrs funding they should be charged 3 full days, based on 2 full days funding on stretched offer.
For a child attending term time only an additional weeks fees full fees (dependent on sessions) should be charged for any working parents (ie teachers) as this wont be covered by the funding — can be charged on the week they attend if they prefer and does not need to be added to standing orders payment.
All sessions requested in the holidays for 30 hour term time children should be charged at full rate as this is not covered by the funding.

Payment Methods

Credit/Debit Card (over £30), Cash, Standing Order, Direct Debit or Childcare Vouchers.

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