Chatta App

Chatta is an interactive app which supports language development. For more information about how Chatta can support you and your child please download the PDF.

"It was a lovely pick-me-up whilst at work, seeing how happy he was at nursery." - Max's Mum (Aug '17)

"Really love these pictures and audio! It makes me happy seeing how happy Jude is at nursery." - Judes Mum (Jul '17)

"It was lovely seeing the pictures of him happy. It really reassured me how well he is settling in!" - Archies Mum (Aug '17)

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

This leaflet gives you a breakdown of the EYFS and how we will support your childs learning.

Raising Early Achievement in Literacy (REAL)

Helping our children become confident speakers, readers and writers in later life starts from when they are babies. This leaflet will guide you on how you can support your child.

Safer Sleeping

We all need piece of mind when putting our children down to sleep. Please download to view the safest practice. Please note we will not go against safer sleep rules.


Schema is a pattern of behaviour that children, especially 0-3 year olds can display. Please read to find out more information about this topic.

Social and Emotional Aspects of Development (SEAD)

Managing children's behaviour can be very difficult. We follow positive reinforcement practice, please view to see how we will guide your child in managing their feelings and behaviour.

Yearly Calendar

A list of our events for this year.

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