The Nursery is dedicated to its continuous professional development. Every year we set our targets on what we would like to implement into our practice or what we would like to further improve in

Development plan 18-19

  1. IPAD Research - To re think the nurseries ethos around iPads and introduce them with a new outlook. This will be done as a research project with parent input, statistics, current research and children’s views.
  2. Woodwork - To introduce woodwork to our practice. A training plan for staff and risk assessments will be put in place. We will offer and stay and play session’s for parents to have a ‘play’. Then children will be slowly introduced.
  3. In the moment planning - We will be slowly introducing this new form of planning and practice. It allows children to access all the settings resources in an open ended manner. In the moment EYFS planning allows no forward planning, you are planning in the moment experiences which are an extension of a child's interest observed. Practitioners will be sensitive to teachable moments and mindful of how they can extend children's thinking.
  4. Staff training – the setting is dedicated to staff development. On top of all the training we currently do both mandatory and non mandatory, we are going to put together dedicated training plans to ensure all our staff team are highly trained in their fields of expertise so we can continue to go above and beyond for our families in the service we offer.

Development plan 17-18

  1. REAL programme – to set up the REAL programme for 6 of our children and families to help promote and raise early literacy skills (for more information about this please see downloads).

    Impact – The first round of REAL was a success and we have learnt from it what more we need to offer to make more of an impact for families. We will also be training up another staff member, Emma from preschool 2 to help support the scheme and work with the families.

  2. Well-being and involvement - To input wellbeing and involvement training for the staff team and refresh the ethos of wellbeing and involvement.

    Impact - We have reviewed the children’s wellbeing and involvement throughout the setting. After some research we have found a new way of thinking and planning for the children. This approach allows us to follow the children more closely and plan for their needs and interest in that moment when it is meaningful for the child. You may have noticed that rooms have changed slightly in terms of layout, more natural, open-ended resources at their level. This new approach is called ‘In the moment planning’.

  3. Part 2 pen pal – to plan and deliver the second part of pen pal training. This practice supports our children who speak English as an additional language and supports all children’s language development.

    Impact – After a review we have decided that the children gain a lot from pen pal and no further training is needed.

  4. Forest school – to retrain staff on the forest school approach.

    Impact – After a consultation with staff and parents we have decided to introduce wood work into the setting. This activity is new to the setting but not to early years. Our pioneers who led the way in helping and educating people in the importance of early years (Margaret McMillan, Friedrich Frobel) advocated this from the early 1900’s. The new forest school approach has a firm grasp on this and its benefits. More information to come.

  5. IPAD- to rethink the nurseries ethos around iPads and reintroduce them with a new outlook. This will be done as a research project with the help of current literature, staff, parent and children’s views.

    Impact - Due to the busy nature of the nursery we have yet been able to start this project, but it is still very much on our agenda.

  6. Steps 3 – to complete and implement steps 3. This is a quality improvement scheme. The nursery currently has step 2.

    Impact – The nursery has sent off our Step 3 to be marked. Fingers crossed!

  7. Phonological awareness – To introduce phonological awareness, train staff and imbed it as part of the nurseries every day practice.

    Impact - All staff are now trained. However, this is solely for the preschool children. Upon entry children are assessed on their phonological awareness starting point. From their staff will support them in their next steps. This information is later shared with their school.

  8. Website – to re-launch website and ensure that it is a working website that is updated regularly.

    Impact - Our website was successfully launched a year ago. We are extremely proud of it and hope it gives parents new and current lots of information about the type of setting we are.

  9. Brush bus – to run and implement brush bus (teeth brushing) as every day practice for the two pre-school rooms. Brush Bus is designed to help reduce the number of children having tooth decay at such young ages and needing medical assistance.

    Impact - This has been imbedded over the last two terms. The staff have got to terms with how it should work. Each term it is getting new children used to the process, but the previous children learnt a lot about the Importance of brushing teeth and the impact if we don’t look after them.

  10. Educational Visitors – to ensure that the nursery has at least one outside visitor to see the children every term such as policeman, doctor, hand hygienist etc.

    Impact - the staff team worked hard to ensure that the children are offered external educators to broaden the children’s experiences. We had Zoolab (minibeasts), Police as well as trips. All the children fully enjoyed these visits and were able to gain a new experience.

  11. Parent feedback – To make sure we are offering the best possible service we are introducing a YES/NO jar. We will ask a new question every month about our service and parents can answer yes or no. From there we can move our service forward.

    Impact - This has proved extremely valuable to both the nursery and parents. Parents are actively using it and we are receiving good data which we can grow and progress from to continue to strive to offer the best possible service to our families. More information on what we are doing can be found in the office.

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